Monday, June 6, 2011

Lost and found in Genève

There are a number of bad things about getting lost: you don't really know where you are, you can't speak the language well enough to find out where you are, everything...and I mean everything...closes at 7 pm., it could get dark and you would still be wandering the streets of Genève. Or some wonderful surprises could turn up when you're lost.
For could turn the corner and find a wonderful little farmers' market full of delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses, even pit roasted poulet. Those treats and a nice chilled rosé could keep you going for days.   

Or you could end up in a beautiful park with fragrant rose bushes in full bloom, winding paths edged with lavendar and asitble and a wading pool with toddlers darting in and out of the cold water.


Or you might happen upon the best surprise of all. You could round the corner near where you think you live and see a golden-spired Russian Orthodox Church...nestled deep in the winding roads of the neighborhood. That's a real hidden treasure, and worth getting lost for again.

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