Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, you just never know...

Yes, you just never know what you'll run into exploring a new city. Genève is pretty much like any other city. It has about 190,000 people but another 50,000 drive or take the train in every day to work. It has a beautiful lake...Lake Genève.

 They have flags flying...swans on the lake... and chess and checkers in the park... 

But once in a long, long while you will round the corner and find something not in the guide books...a little surprise. You will glance at the outside wall of a cafe in Old Town and see a familiar signature...a name you know pretty well. 
Yep, it's true...

                                                         Bill ate here!


  1. Ah, good ol' Bill...nice find! Looks like a beautiful place for an afternoon stroll.